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Just by filling out web forms and clicking buttons

Create and Manage Token Economy

Design & Mint utility or governance tokens based on your needs. Configure, create, test, and deploy tokenomics.

Cloud-Based Secure, Flexible and Scalable SaaS (Software as a Service)

ERC20 Token
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Launch NFT Collections

Automatically create NFTs only by uploading digital asset data. Organize and manage your digital assets.

You can create NFT, NFT(Timed), NFT(Mergable), FT, Loot Box.

Create, organize, update, publiish or delete your NFT Collections
Smart Contract

On-Demand & Customizable Smart Contracts

Forge and deploy smart contracts automatically based on your demands.

Audited and certified by Certik and Hacken.

Testing and Verification of Smart Contracts
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API & SDKSupport

SDKs, RESTful and GraphQL APIs. Unity, Unreal, JavaScript and C# are supported.

Unity, Unreal, JavaScript, C#

RESTful, GraphQL

Secure Custodial Wallet Services

Dappwizz platform takes care of the custody of your tokens operating with your dApps through multi-layered wallet security protocols.

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Strong Compatibility

Interoperable & Multi-VM

Dappwizz services ensure interchain operability.
dApps can be created in all EVM and Rust mainnets seamlessly and securely.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Create and DistributeDAO

Dappwizz let you create your own DAO and distribute it as you want. Incentivize the value your community contributes to your DAO through weighted voting powers.

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NFT Marketplace

Automatically create and customize your in-app NFT marketplace. Utilize Dappwizz NFT Marketplace to exchange NFTs on a broader scale of publicity.


Additional Services

Launch your tokens on Dappwizz Launchpad and associate launchpads. Get assistance on raising funds, building communities, listing on exchanges, marketing, business development, tokenomics and dApp token flow design. (ICO, IEO, IDO, IGO, INO and more).

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What is Web3?

Decentralization is one of the most notable features of Web3. At the same time, the other characteristic features of Web3 are; The Seamless and Privacy-friendly use of Blockchain Technologies,Accessibility to Modern Financial Services for Retail, Ubiquitous connectivity and IoT support, Semantic Web Infrastructure, 3D and spatial-experienced UX, Metaverse Support, Redefined Data Ownership, Integration with Edge-Computing Infrastructure, Fusion with AI&ML Technologies

Web3 can serve as a solution to centralized data management approaches. Users could connect with each other, share data and engage in transactions privately without depending on 3rd party centralized entities. Furthermore, other notable advantages associated with Web3 use cases include the development of a digital market economy where crafts and services of individuals can be digitalized for exclusive ownership of digital assets to be circulated in the very market.

Web3 provides a democratization of accessibility of services for retail customers. Since engaging with Web3 platforms has near-zero entry barriers, Web3 opens pathways for retail individuals or developers to plug in the decentralized economy and build communities and businesses with open-source collaboration. With the power of tokenization (monetization) of value and growth providing strong incentives for both investors, developers and end-users, Web3 calls for many possibilities on the horizon.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are useful for the web3 in several ways. First, NFTs enable the creation and ownership of unique digital assets, such as artwork, music, and collectibles, that can be easily verified and traded on the blockchain. This can open up new opportunities to monetize works and engage withit in a more direct and transparent way. Second, NFTs can be used to represent ownership and access rights for a wide range of assets and services, from virtual real estate and gaming items to event tickets and loyalty points. This can create new business models and revenue streams for businesses and individuals in various industries. Finally, NFTs can facilitate the development of decentralized applications and marketplaces that leverage the power of blockchain and smart contracts to enable peer-to-peer interactions and automate certain processes. This can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase security and trust in various use cases, from e-commerce and finance to supply chain management and social networks.
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